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Peembeck combines three music school brands as a franchise company under one roof.
With the Modern Music School, as a music school for rock and pop, the early music childhood education Kling Klong and VibrA as a school for DJing and producing, Peembeck stands for modern music according to modern teaching and teaching concepts.
We make music – but people are our focus
Our Professional Program complements our offer with training for professional musicians.
In addition, we publish books about music and education in our in-house publishing company Modu Publishing.
These are available in our Peembeck Shop.

Peembeck stands for

  • over 30 years of music education experience
  • three franchise brands under one roof: Modern Music School, Kling Klong and VibrA
  • a unique music school system with certified teacher training
  • its own training center
  • modern teaching concepts based on experience and the latest findings in musicology, psychology, pedagogy and neuroscience
  • our own publishing company for teaching and learning books
  • music training at the highest level

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