Peembeck is dedicated to providing exceptional music education experiences that inspire and empower students to reach their full potential. With over 35 years of experience, we understand that quality instruction is critical to student success. Therefore, we heavily invest in the training and development of our teachers, ensuring they are equipped with the latest psychology, pedagogy, and methodological knowledge to make music lessons not only informative but also fun.

Our philosophy revolves around creativity and innovation, which are essential for nurturing the musical talents of our students. We offer a diverse range of music education programs that cater to all stages of learning, from early childhood education to professional development. Our curriculum is comprehensive, easy to follow, and effective in helping students achieve their musical goals.

At Peembeck, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and enjoyable music education experience for everyone who wants to learn and grow, regardless of their background or experience level in music.


In 1987, Hans Peter Becker, our founder and CEO, established the Modern Drum School, a venture that would eventually evolve into a comprehensive music educational institution. By 1992, this evolved into the Modern Music School, which broadened its offerings to include guitar, bass, piano, vocals and band practices by 1995, catering to a wide spectrum of musical enthusiasts.

Becker took a step onto the global stage in 1996 by founding the LA Music Academy (now LACM), an institution destined to carve out unique opportunities and enriched learning experiences for musicians around the world. In the following year, the creation of Kling Klong underscored our dedication to early childhood music education, fostering a love for music in young hearts.

With VibrA‘s birth in 2002, we opened new doors for aspiring DJs and producers, offering a dedicated space to sharpen their craft. Then came Modu in 2008, a publishing house dedicated to providing diverse, high-quality educational materials, ensuring that every learner had the necessary resources to navigate their musical journey successfully.

In 2019, Peembeck GmbH was born, symbolizing a unified convergence of our varied musical schools, publishing endeavors, and numerous initiatives into a cohesive entity. Peembeck represents more than a rebranding; it’s our commitment to delivering a rich and multi-faceted educational and resource experience to learners, educators and musicians everywhere. Our identity transcends beyond mere musical lessons; it envelops publishing, mentorship, and community, ensuring our dedication echoes through every aspect of the comprehensive and nuanced musical and educational journeys of our community.

In 2021, we proudly introduced the Peembeck Exam, a structured system to acknowledge and celebrate every musician’s progress and accomplishments. Looking forward, 2023 will welcome the Classical Sounds Academy, adding another rich layer to our ongoing, ever-expanding musical adventure.